The mission of the US Embassy in Vietnam visited Hung Vuong University, Phu Tho province

On June 2nd 2015, Hung Vuong University welcome the mission from the US - Brunei Partner Program to improve the capacity English for ASEAN countries, belongs of the United State Embassy in Vietnam. The mission was led by Ms. Kanika Mak-Lavy – expert in charge of the International Student Programs, the East – West Center, Honolulu, Hawaii to visited Hung Vuong University.


 In the meeting, the mission told about sending experts to work at Hung Vuong University in the academic year 2015 – 2016. It is operating in the framework of the cooperation project to improve English for the ASEAN region between Brunei and the US and the East – West Center (US).

The purpose of this activity is to improve the ability to use English, exchanges communication, culture and each other understanding through the course’ contents , example, English in the diplomacy, problems in the ASEAN region, the new communication theory, countries and cultures in ASEAN.

 Assoc.Prof – Dr. Cao Van -  Principal of Hung Vuong University confirmed that Hung Vuong University will create the best conditions to support two experts to work at here. He hoped  more program to further cooperation in education and training with the US Embassy. 


On this occasion, the mission visited the traditional room and some places of university.

The meeting was a great success and opened opportunities for cooperation to Hung Vuong University. At the same time, there is  contributing to grow the cooperation relationship between Hung Vuong University and the US Embassy in Vietnam.  Students, lecturers of Hung Vuong University has more opportunity to study and research with foreign experts to improve the skills, qualifications and the quality education.


By Tuyet Trinh