Board and Structure

Hung Vuong University is a State-run multi-level, multidisciplinary university established in 2003 from the upgrading of Phu Tho Teachers Training College set up 50 years earlier. The university is responsible for training highly qualified human resources, functioning as a centre for scientific research and transferring scientific advances to serve the socioeconomic development of Phu Tho province and other provinces in the region

 1.Ph.D. Trinh The Truyen        Position: President


- Generally manage school activities, directly take charge of Political ideology; Personnel policy and organizational structure; Emulation-Commendation; Scientific research - International cooperation; Financial work; Investment, planning, development plans of the school.

- Sign Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees; Certificates of Teacher Training, Physical Education, National Defense Education, Informatics, and Foreign Languages.

- Be the school’s account holder.

Units in charge

- Department of Personnel Policy and Organizational Structure, Department of Science and Technology, Department of International Cooperation, Department of Planning and Finance, Faculty of Foreign Languages, Faculty of Agro-Forestry-Aquaculture, Faculty of Engineering and Technology, Center for Applied Scientific Research and Technology Transfer, Center for National Defense Education.

- Email: trinhthetruyen@hvu.edu.vn

- Tel:  02103 710 016


 2.Ph.D. Do Tung        Position: Vice President


- Be responsible for: Training of full-time students; Student affairs; Supervision; Examination and Quality assurance.

- On behalf of the President, sign the certificate of graduation, part-time and full time transcripts, copies of degrees and certificates; sign certificates of regular university student registration.

- Be authorized to approve some items including: salary; insurance; scholarship and social allowance; business travel expenses; allowances for lecturers taking higher education, visiting lecturers; purchase of office supplies (less than 20,000,000vnd).

- Manage general school affairs in the absence of the President.

Units in charge:

- Department of Training, Department of Inspection and Legal Affairs, Department of Student Affairs, Center for Quality Assurance, Center for Art, Cultural and Educational Research, Center for Information - Documentation - Library, Faculty of Mathematics - Informatics, Faculty of Natural Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences and Humanities, Faculty of Elementary and Pre-School Education, Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Educational Psychology.
- Email: dotung@hvu.edu.vn

 - Tel: 02103 821 821


 3.B.Sc. Nguyen Thanh Trung           Position: Vice President


- Be responsible for: Basic construction investment, Facility Management and Social Welfare, Public Security. 
- Be the head of Management Unit of School Building Projects. 

Units in charge: 
- Management Unit of School Building Projects, Department of Facility Management and Social Welfare.

- Perform other duties as assigned by the President.

- Email: nguyenthanhtrung@hvu.edu.vn

- Tel:  02013 813 727



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