Hung Vuong University is a multi-disciplinary, application-oriented learning institution offering services in various levels and modes of education. The university has met overall national standard and reached international standard in a number of areas and has operated as a reputable applicable science research and technology transferring center and a supplier of high quality human resources for the domestic and international workforce.


The core values of the university are embedded in:
- Consistence of objectives: The university values consistence in identifying objectives, direction for development of university, as well as in administration and operation
- Research oriented: research is considered an important aspect in the development of the university
- Customer oriented: operations of the university are embedded in market needs and satisfaction of customers and involved parties.
- Technology-based: With applicable techniques and technology as the traditional advantage, technology serves as a foundation for the development of the university;
- Strength comes from unity: Unity within the university and partnerships with business are enable the university to utilize internal and external forces for the development of the university;
- Creativity makes a difference: Creativity in operations of the university enables it to make a difference for breakthrough advances;
- Maintaining sustainability through discipline: Disciplines, ethics, professional and moral conduct serve as the foundation for sustainable development of the university;
- Ensuring fairness and impartiality: Democracy, transparency and impartiality are prerequisites for sustainable development.
The aforementioned factors are all taken into consideration for establishing the guidelines for the operation of the university in current times and in the future. Strategic objectives and implementation of stages in the development process all serve to maintain and strengthen the core values and elevate them to a new height.


Overall objective:

Hung Vuong Universityaims to become a reputable learning institution with applicable science in multiple disciplines, levels, meeting national standards and meeting international standards in a number of areas to contribute to the development of Vietnam and a financially independent and a top ranking university by 2025.

Specific objectives:

- Quality, knowledge, skills and professional ethics of graduates from university approach the standards of region and international market.
- Scientific research and projects and technology in a number of disciplines can reach international level, while possessing highly practical and economical values, creating a foundation for high quality training
- Lecturers and staff are highly capable meeting national and international standards, can work and do research overseas, creating foundation for the development of the university.
- Infrastructure and facility are modern and consistent, accommodating the demand for research and technological development.
- The university is on its way to become a technology oriented institution in multiple disciplines, with financial independence and makes important contribution to society. Another important goal is to develop close relationships with research and education institutions, government agencies, businesses, domestic and international organizations.
- Financial resources are utilized in a variety of methods with the aim to maintain sustainability, efficiency, enhance partnership with domestic and international partners, develop new methods to raise finance in a specialized manner.


Quality – Creativity - Unity – Development


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