Faculty of Engineering and Technology

I. Introduction to faculty

- Address: Room 114- Administrative office (basement)

Phone: Email: khoakythuatcongnghe@hvu.edu.vn

- Faculty consists of 4 departments(Software Engineering, Network and Communications, Mechanical, Electrical - Electronics).

- Total number of lecturers: 27, of which: male 16, female 11.

- Qualification:

Doctorate: 02; Master: 19. Currently there are 02 doctoral students studying in countries with developed science such as Germany, Taiwan.

University: 06 (of which: 03 are studying for Master)

II. Functions and tasks of the department

- Develop advanced training programs to catch up with higher education in the country and in the region;

- Organizing the compilation of curriculums, lectures on subjects of training disciplines, organizing research and improvement of teaching methods;

- To step up scientific and technological research activities, take initiative in exploiting international cooperation projects, linking training and scientific research, production and business activities and social life;

- Create the best learning and research environment for students and researchers.

- Carrying out the task of comprehensive training on culture, professionalism, and ethical thought for students.

- To build and develop a contingent of highly qualified trainers in teaching and scientific research. Besides the general functions and duties of a subordinate unit of Hung Vuong University, the political tasks of the Faculty of Engineering and Technology are:

- University degree training:

+ University of Information Technology;

+ University of Electrical and Electronics Engineering;

+ University of Engineering Technology

- Bachelor's degree training in various disciplines:

+ College of Information Technology

III. Leadership Faculty, Department 


Name, title

Information officer


PhD. Nguyen Hung Cuong 

Title: Dean

Tel: 0912595102

Email: cuongnh86@gmail.com


PhD. Nguyen Nhu Tung 

Position: Vice Dean

Tel: 0988480490

Email: tungln@hvu.edu.vn


Mr. Dinh Thai Son

Position: Head of Department of Software Engineering

Tel: 0976465098

Email: sondt@hvu.edu.vn



Mr. Vu Ngoc Tri 

Position: Head of Department  of Network and Communications Development

Tel: 0976813844

Email: vutridhhv@gmail.com


Mr. Nguyen Dinh Nhu 

Position: Head of Department of  Network and Communications

Tel: 0912999678

Email: nhu.hvu@gmail.com


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Hoa

Position: Head of Department of Electricity and Electronic 

Tel: 01674699986

Email: thanhhoa886@gmail.com


Mrs. Pham Thi Kim Hue

Position: Head of Department of Electrical Engineering - Electronics

Tel: 0976562481

Email: phamthikimhuek18@gmail.com