I. Introduction to the Faculty

Address: Room 111.Administrative office

Phone: 02103.991.663

Email: khoangoaingu@hvu.edu.vn

 Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​Hung Vuong University, formerly known as Phu Tho Pedagogy College, was established on March 26, 1996 and is located in the homeland of Hung Kings. Combined with the glorious mission of the school, the Faculty is in charge of training Human Resources University and College of Foreign Languages ​​English and Chinese for the socio-economic development of Phu Tho province. And provinces in the region.

Along with the growth of the school, faculty members of the Faculty are increasing in both quantity and quality. At present, Faculty of Foreign Languages ​​has 30 staff, lecturers. Including: 01 doctor, 04 doctoral students, 03 foreign specialist teachers, 13 masters, 09 bachelors (of which 4 are studying in graduate school). The ward has 14 Party members, Faculty has more than 600 students.

II. Training sector

- Department of Language Practice - Interpretation and Translation

- Department of English-American Language and Culture

- Department of Teaching Methods

- Department of Chinese Language and Culture

III. Mission of the Faculty

1. Training of English language teaching staff, English Language University, Chinese Language School (4 years) and in-service teacher system to provide English teachers for higher education institutions. , Colleges, high schools, lower secondary schools and the provision of interpreters for Phu Tho and neighboring provinces.

2. English Teacher Training (3 years). Students after graduation can work in junior high schools and many different fields in Phu Tho province and neighboring provinces.

3. Towards a sustainable development, the Faculty focuses on team training, innovative teaching methods, facilities for teaching and learning; Be proactive in expanding partnerships with partner universities and colleges in the country and internationally; Particular attention is given to issues of employment and employment for graduates ...

IV. Leadership Faculty, Department



Information officers


PhD. Vu Thi Quynh Dung

Position: Dean

Phone: 0983.418.019
Email: quynhdzunghvu@gmail.com


Mrs. Pham Thi Kim Cuc

Position: Vice dean
phone: 0976.715.138
Email: kimcuc1998@yahoo.com


MrsNguyen Thi Thu Hang 

Position: Vice dean
phone: 0983.324.776
Email: hangdhhv@yahoo.com


MrsNguyen Thi Hoa 

Position: Head of teaching methods
phone: 0984.361.430
Email: myson2003@yahoo.com 


MrsNguyễn Thị Tố Loan

Position: Head of Practice language - interpreter
phone: 0982.827.925
Email: loanbe84@gmail.com


MrsPham Thi Thu Huong

Position: Head of English language and culture
phone: 0914.938.242
Email: huongpham_76@yahoo.com


MrsNguyen Thi Ha Giang

Position: Head of Chinese language and culture
phone: 0982698583