Address: The 4th floor, Administration Building, Hung Vuong University, Nong Trang Ward, Viet Tri City, Phu Tho Province

Email: khoahoctunhien@hvu.edu.vn; fns@hvu.edu.vn

The Faculty of Natural Sciences (FNS) was founded in the same history as Phu Tho College of Education and Hung Vuong University. FNS was re-established on August 31, 2018, by associating two faculties, Faculty of Natural Sciences and Faculty of Mathematics - Information. FNS is one of the most important faculties of Hung Vuong University with a long tradition. Combined with the glorious mission of the university, the FNS is in charge of training human resources of pedagogical training disciplines in the field of natural sciences and biotechnology for the socio-economic development of Phu Tho province and neighboring provinces in the region.



The major tasks of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Hung Vuong University are training of highly qualified specialists at Bachelor degree in teacher education of Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Biology as well as Bachelor degree in Biotechnology, and Master degree in the field of Mathematics Teaching Methodology, and Biology.

Besides, the FNS has many educational activities, including:

- Organization of training activities: pedagogical skills, professional internships for students of the FNS;

- Participation in teaching general subjects information programs of other disciplines at Hung Vuong University;

- Participation in professional training for teachers of Mathematics, Physics, Biology, Chemistry in high schools;

- Development of education programs and compilation of textbooks in the field of natural sciences;

- Development of Lecturers and Researchers with highly qualified skills in teaching and studying;

- Carrying out the scientific research and technology transfer activities; promoting the exploitation of international cooperation projects to associate training and scientific research activities with real life;

- Formation of favorable learning and research environment for students.




Information officers


Assoc. Prof. Ph.D. Cao Phi Bang

Position: Dean

Tel: (+84) 904 922 412

Email: phibang.cao@hvu.edu.vn


Ph.D. Ha Ngoc Phu

Position: Vice - Dean

Phone: (+84) 366 082 064

Email: ngocphu.ha@hvu.edu.vn