Faculty of Maths and Informatics

I. Introduction to faculty

- Address: Room 103 - Administrative office (basement)

Phone: 02103.561968. Email: khoatoantin@hvu.edu.vn

- Faculty consists of 4 subjects (Algebra and Geometry, Applied Mathematics, Calculus, Physics).

- Total number of lecturers: 22, of which 9 males and 13 females.

- Qualification:

Doctorate: 02; Master: 16; Principal Instructor: 01; At present, there are 05 PhD students, including 02 PhD students in developed countries such as France, Taiwan and 3 national PhD students.
University: 4 (in which 03 are studying for Master)

II. Functions and tasks of the department

- Develop advanced training programs to catch up with higher education in the country and in the region;

- Organizing the compilation of curriculums, lectures on subjects of training disciplines, organizing research and improvement of teaching methods;

- To step up scientific and technological research activities, take initiative in exploiting international cooperation projects, linking training and scientific research, production and business activities and social life;

- Create the best learning and research environment for students and researchers.

 - Carrying out the task of comprehensive training on culture, professionalism, and ethical thought for students.

- To build and develop a contingent of highly qualified trainers in teaching and scientific research. Besides the general functions and duties of a subordinate unit of Hung Vuong University, the political task of the Department of Mathematics and Informatics is:

- University degree training:

+ University of Mathematical Pedagogy;

+ University of Pedagogy of Physics;

+ University of Mathematics - Physics,

- Bachelor's degree training in various disciplines:

+ College of Mathematics Teacher - Ly

+ Ly College of Pedagogy - Industrial Technology

+ College of Mathematics and Informatics

III. Leadership Faculty, Department


Name, position

Information officers


PhD. Hoang Cong Kien 

Position: Dean

TEL: 0912696431

Email: hoangcongkien@gmail.com


PhDNguyen Tien Manh 

Position:  Vice Dean

TEL: 01662965324

Email: manhnt79@gmail.com


PhDDang Thi Phuong Thanh

Position:  Vice Dean

TEL: 0983129711

Email: thanhdp83@gmail.com


Mr. Tran Anh Tuan

Position: Head of Department  of Mathematical Analysis

TEL: 0943926928

Email: trananhtuan@gmail.com


Mr. Nguyen Van Nghia 

Position: Head of Department  of Algebra and Geometry

TEL: 0976812649

Email: nguyenvannghia2211@gmail.com


Mrs. Nguyen Thi Thanh Van

Position: Head of Department of Physics

TEL: 0979816884

Email: thanhvan.hv@gmail.com


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