New year celebration activities of international students at Hung Vuong University

In the atmosphere of preparing to celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year 2021 (Tet Nguyen Dan), together with the school's activities, international students studying at Hung Vuong University (HVU) organize new year activities.

Celebration of the New Year  of the faculty of foreign languages’ students

Celebration of the New Year of the faculty of economics and business administration’s Lao students


 Laos students visit famous locations in Hanoi

Due to the disease situation of COVID-19 pandemic, this year all international students will celebrate the Vietnamese Lunar New Year at Hung Vuong University.

Lao cultural conner


Art and sports exchange activities will be organized by international students at the University

Hung Vuong University will organize several exciting activities, meeting international students, sports exchanges,... on the occasion of the Vietnamese Lunar New Year to create a joyful and exciting atmosphere, contributing to encouraging students to study at the university.

For 2021, we would like to wish health, happiness and personal and professional success to all students, staff, guests and alumni of Hung Vuong University.