Introduction of scholarship from Hung Vuong University for Laos students in 2021

       Hung Vuong University, Phu Tho province has recently announced 20 scholarships for Lao students from Northern provinces including Luong Nam Tha (10), U Dom Xay (05), Phong Sa Ly (05) in 2021.

       By this time, the university enrolls fee-paying Lao students (in the whole country) at the undergraduate majors: Economic Management, Business Administration, Finance – Banking, Information Technology, Electrical-Electronic Engineering, Management of Travel and Tourism Service, Nursing, and Veterinary; at the postgraduate majors: Economic Management, Literary Theory, Theory and Methods of Teaching Mathematics, Pedagogics (Primary Education), and Biological.

       We attach our introduction (PDF file), so you can find more details. (signed-signed-38. tuyen sinh lhs lao 2021_10.08)

       Please see our website (in Vietnamese) for more information: Hung Vuong University (www.hvu.edu.vn).

       We would be very glad to receive the names of students who would like to study at Hung Vuong University./.

     The traditional Bunpimay festival for Laos students studying at Hung Vuong University

  The online meeting about  managements and cooperation in enrollment Laos students

                              with Northern provinces of Laos in June, 2021