Hung Vuong University was established under Decision No. 81/2003/QD-TTg dated April 29, 2003, by the Prime Minister based on Phu Tho Pedagogical College. After 20 years of development and establishment, Hung Vuong University has increasingly affirmed its position and prestige in the system of universities across the country and region, entering Vietnam's top 100 quality universities in 2023.

Hung Vuong University is a place of high-quality training for provinces in the region and the entire country.

Hung Vuong University is a multidisciplinary public university that trains highly qualified application-oriented human resources. At the same time, it is a center for modern scientific research and transferring scientific advances to serve the socio-economic and cultural development of the province and the whole country.

Since its first year of establishment, Hung Vuong University has had six majors for regular university-level training, mainly in the pedagogical sector. The school opened new pedagogical and non-pedagogical majors in the following stages. In 2016, the school began training master's degrees and stopped enrolling students at the Intermediate and College levels. In 2017, the School for Training Teachers and Educational Managers was merged to become the Center for Training Teachers and Educational Managers under Hung Vuong University with the task of fostering, standardizing, and developing knowledge, professional capacity, and management capacity for teachers and educational managers of Phu Tho province and surrounding areas.

HVU has nine specialized faculties with credit-based training with 38 undergraduate majors and eight master's degree majors in 7 fields: Pedagogy, Economics, Technology, Language, Culture and Tourism, Agriculture - Forestry - Aquaculture, and Health. The staff and lecturers exceed 400 people. Among them, lecturers with Ph.D. degrees and Professor and Associate Professor titles are 103 people, accounting for 33.5%, similar to the general level of higher education institutions in the country.

Hung Vuong University students participated in internships and work in Israel.

Training quality is always a focused factor with the motto "quality makes the school's brand". Training programs are built according to application orientation upon graduation to meet social needs. Training majors under specific mechanisms are structured and carry out skills training at enterprises, of which 50% of the program duration is in Tourism, Tourism, and Travel Service Management, and 30% in the Information Technology program duration is carried out at the enterprise.

With application orientation and commitment to improving training quality and employment commitments for students after graduation, Hung Vuong University has issued and implemented strategic resolutions: Resolution No. 41-NQ/DU dated 30 May 2018 on management innovation, improving training quality of training systems until 2020 and the period 2020-2025; Resolution No. 14-NQ/DU dated 7 April  2020 on enhancing effectiveness in employment support for students and Resolution No. 127-NQ/DU dated 19 October 2022 on strengthening public direction Skills development cooperation for students of Hung Vuong University in the period 2022-2030 of Hung Vuong University Party Committee.

In parallel, knowledge training focuses on skills training for students, including professional skills, soft skills, information technology skills, and foreign languages to meet output standards and social requirements and create reputable products highly appreciated by employers. Over 90% of students have jobs after graduation; Many students have high-income jobs and important positions in businesses and state agencies.

Promoting its role as a Center for scientific research and technology transfer over the years, the University's science and technology activities have always received close attention and have achieved many outstanding achievements with scientific topics and projects at the National, Ministerial, and Provincial levels. Many of these include technology transfer, commercialization, and provision of products and services. In addition, training highly qualified human resources for the Lao People's Democratic Republic has achieved many outstanding results, which are essential to building and developing neighborly friendly relationships between Phu Tho province and Northern Laos provinces, particularly between the two countries in general.

Scientific research and technology transfer activities are key areas of Hung Vuong University.

In 2018, Hung Vuong University was one of the top universities in the country to complete Quality Accreditation and be recognized as a higher education institution that meets the standards of higher education quality accreditation according to the Ministry of Education and Training standards. In 2023, the University will continue to be accredited and recognized as a higher education institution that meets phase 2 educational quality accreditation standards.

With outstanding achievements in training, scientific research, and other professional activities, Hung Vuong University has been honored by the Party and Government with many noble awards, such as the Third Class Independence Medal, the Labor Medal (First, Second, and Third Class), the Third Class Labor Medal and the Friendship Medal by the Lao People's Democratic Republic; received many emulation flags from the Government, Ministry of Education and Training, and Phu Tho Provincial People's Committee.

Over the past 20 years, thousands of bachelors, engineers, and masters have graduated from Hung Vuong University with knowledge, enthusiasm, and intellectual dedication to contribute to the cause of building and protecting the Fatherland. The educational achievements that generations of officials, lecturers, and students of Hung Vuong University have achieved will be an essential premise to create strength and power for the school to develop and become a training facility with high-quality human resources. At the same time, it is a center for scientific research and advanced technology transfer, gradually affirming its position in the Vietnamese higher education system, worthy of the trust and expectations of the Party, authorities, and local people.

Dr. Hoang Cong Kien - Principal of Hung Vuong University