Delegation of Houaphan Province - Lao People's Democratic visited and worked with Hung Vuong University

On January 14, 2020, the delegation of Houaphan province –Lao People's Democratic Republic led by Mr. Van Xay Pheng Xum Ma - Member of the Central Committee of the Lao People's Revolutionary Party, the Secretary and the Governor of Houaphan Province joined the delegation. Leaders of departments, branches of Houaphan Province worked with Hung Vuong University.

Meeting between Houaphan Province leaders and Hung Vuong University (Photo by HVU)


On the side of Phu Tho Province, there were Mr. Phan Trong Tan - Member of the Provincial Party Committee, Vice Chairman of the Provincial People's Committee, and leaders of the Provincial People's Committee Office, Department of Education and Training, Military Executive Board Province, Department of Foreign Affairs of Phu Tho Province.

On the side of Hung Vuong University, there were Hoang Cong Kien - Rector, PhD; Do Khac Thanh, PhD - Chairman of the University Council and other the leaders of the university, the heads of the department and faculty and representatives of Lao students who are studying at the University.

At the meeting, Hoang Cong Kien, PhD expressed his warmly welcome to the delegation from Houaphan to visiting to and work with the university. Hung Vuong University has been assigned by the Provincial Party Committee, People's Council and People's Committee of Phu Tho Province to train high-quality human resources for Luang Namtha and Northern provinces in Laos since 2008.Currently, the total number of Lao students who have been studying at the school is 292 students. The quality of training of Lao students has been improved. Many Lao students after their graduation returned to work, they have become managers, researchers, key officials at the State management agencies, organizations, departments, schools of Laos. In addition, Hung Vuong University has improved the conditions of study, activities, culture and arts, etc. to ensure that Lao students has the best and safest studying environment. The Rector affirmed that Hung Vuong University pays great attention to the cooperation and training of international students, especially Lao students, which is a solid basis for opening up cooperation opportunities in the future between Hung Vuong University and Houaphan Province.

Mr. Van Xay Pheng Xum Ma - Head of the Houaphan delegation gave flowers to congratulate Hung Vuong University on the occasion of the Vietnamese traditional new year holiday (Photo by HVU)

Mr. Van Xay Pheng Xum Ma expressed his happiness and excitement at the warmly and friendly welcome of Phu Tho Province as well as Hung Vuong University. He congratulated and highly appreciated the results of training in general and the Lao students training of the university in particular. He emphasized that the training of human resources is a particularly important task for the development of Laos. He suggested Lao students who have been studying at Hung Vuong University continue their efforts to study, train and comply with the school's rules and regulations and Vietnamese laws to obtain academic good results. In the future, he hopes that the cooperation between Houaphan province and Hung Vuong University in training and fostering high-quality human resources for Houaphan province will strengthen, contribute to the friendship and cooperation between Vietnam and Laos as given " forever green and forever sustainable".

The new library is being used for teaching, research and learning activities of lecturers and students of Hung Vuong University (Photo by HVU)

The Houaphan  delegation took photos with officials, lecturers and students of Hung Vuong University
(Photo by HVU)


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