Receiving Laos students in the 2021-2022 school year

Performing the task of training Lao students, on January 07th 2021 Hung Vuong University has and received 21 Lao students from the Northern provinces of Laos to study at the 2020-2025 course (including one year studying Vietnamese language). After the entry in Viet Nam, Laos students were supported at Military Command of Dien Bien province in 14 days.

The delegation of Hung Vuong University welcomed Laos students at the Military Command of Dien Bien province

Hung Vuong University welcomes and believes that Lao students will have an effective study time, contributing to further tightening the Vietnam-Laos friendship in general, Phu Tho province and the Northern provinces of Laos in particular. The students took over the residence in the  the university’s dormitory under the medical supervision in 14 days following the government regulation and started their first lessons at Hung Vuong University.

Laos students at Hung Vuong University dormitory

Hopefully, with the great support from the university, Lao students will have  memorable time during studying in Viet Nam./.