Hung Vuong University successfully organizes a contest for Vietnamese language and cultural exchange for Lao students from 5 universities

On January 15, 2017, Hung Vuong University successfully organized a contest for Vietnamese language and cultural exchange for Lao students from 5 universities. Participating in the contest were Mr. Du Hong Quang - Deputy Director of Phu Tho Foreign Affairs Department, Mr. Vu Quang Nhac - President of Vietnam-Laos Friendship Association of Phu Tho Province; Mr. Cao Van - President of Hung Vuong University, Mrs. Le Thi Huong - Vice President of Ha Tinh University, Mr. Hoang Nam - Vice President of Hong Duc University, and 5 delegations of Lao students from Hung Vuong University (Phu Tho province), Tay Bac University (Son La province), Ha Tinh University (Ha Tinh province), Hong Duc University (Thanh Hoa province), and Thai Nguyen University of Education (Thai Nguyen province).

The contest was aimed at fostering Vietnamese language communication skills for Lao students and providing them with an opportunity to improve their Vietnamese proficiency while studying in Vietnam. It was also a playground for Lao students from different universities to share their hobbies, make new friends and learn from one another.

Five teams from the five universities together competed in four rounds: Greeting and self introduction; Time’s up; Talent; and Storytelling. Throughout those rounds, Lao students showed their great Vietnamese proficiency and deep understanding of Vietnamese culture. Remarkably, all performances by Lao students for Talent round and Storytelling round were set up so elaborately and impressively. The contest created an intellectual, meaningful and practical playground for Lao students, contributing to the removal of the language barrier, giving them an opportunity to communicate and think in Vietnamese.

At the end of the contest, the Organization Board awarded 02 first prizes to Hung Vuong University and Ha Tinh University. The second prizes went to Tay Bac University, Hong Duc University and Thai Nguyen University of Education. Three additional prizes were also presented: the Most Impressive Award for Ha Tinh University, the Style Award for Tay Bac University and the Talent Award for Hung Vuong University.

Within the framework of the contest, earlier in the afternoon, Hung Vuong University held a 5-university talk regarding the issue of improving the Vietnamese language training quality for Lao students. At the discussion, representatives from the schools shared their experience in teaching; compiling textbooks and lectures; organizing internship, extracurricular activities, examinations; and evaluating learning outcomes. Several solutions were proposed to further improve the quality of teaching Vietnamese to Lao learners.

With a view to introducing and promoting the image of Phu Tho province, on the morning of January 16th 2017, Hung Vuong University took all the university delegations on a tour to Hung King Temple Relics.


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