Hung Vuong University provides high-quality training targeting Northern Vietnam

Hung Vuong University (HVU), Phu Tho Province was established in 2003 under the Prime Minister's Decision No. 81/2003/QD-TTg on April 29, 2003, on the basis of the Phu Tho College of Education. The establishment of Hung Vuong University is the happiness and pride of the Party Committee, authorities and people of all minorities groups in Phu Tho Province. The Hung Vuong University has two campuses in Viet Tri City and Phu Tho Town.


HVU Main Campus in Viet Tri city (photo by HVU)

After 17 years of establishment, with the supports and guidance of the Party, the State, the Ministry of Education and Training and the authorities of Phu Tho Province, generations of leaders, officials and lecturers, students and students of Hung Vuong University overcame many difficulties and challenges that helped the university develop sustainably. Currently, the university has 9 faculties, 6 rooms, 6 centers, 1 institute, 1 medical station.

The university conducts postgraduate, graduate and other levels training in the fields of Education, Agriculture - Forestry, Economics and Business Administration, Engineering - Publicity. Technology, Tourism Culture, Language ... In particular, the university has the Center for Teacher Training and Education Management Officers to train and foster managers as well as qualified human resources for Phu Tho Province and other provinces in Northern.


Hung Vuong University has become a university-oriented vocational training institution on par with prestigious universities in area of ​​training and scientific research. The university implements the mission of training high-quality human resources as a center for scientific research and technology transfer, to serve the socio-economic development cause of Phu Tho Province and the region. In addition, it maintains and develops a stable training scale focusing on improving the quality of training and modernizing the training process; expanding joint training and scientific research activities with prestigious organizations at home and abroad.

By April 2020, Hung Vuong University has 432 officials and employees; including: 14 are Professors and Associate Professors; 63 PhDs; 264 Masters and 91 other qualified people. Currently, the school's training scale with nearly 10,000 students, students in all disciplines.

Currently, the university has trained 73,900 bachelors and masters to implement the mission of training quality human resources for the socio-economic development of Phu Tho Province and the region. By May 2018, Hung Vuong University was officially recognized to meet the quality standards for higher education institutions of the Ministry of Education and Training. There has been evaluating the training program quality of 37 undergraduate majors, of which 03 fields have completed the evaluation and were granted certificates by the Center for Education Accreditation, Hanoi-Association of Vietnam Universities and Colleges.

Hung Vuong University was officially recognized to meet the quality standards of educational institutions issued by the Ministry of Education and Training (photo by HVU).


Hung Vuong University promotes international cooperation activities (photo by HVU)


In the line of globalization and integration, Hung Vuong University attaches great importance to developing international cooperation activities to contribute to training and scientific research. Currently, the university has established cooperative relations with training institutions, research institutes and international organizations; has implemented effective cooperation programs on training and scientific research. In addition, the university has signed cooperation agreements with several companies, institutions and universities to organize undergraduate, postgraduate and support training forging practice and employment for graduate students.


Hung Vuong University has an intelligent library, modern space with thousands of books for researching and studying by lecturers and students (photo by HVU).

In the period of 2015 - 2019, the university has implemented 396 science and technology projects at all levels, of which2 project at the national level, 2 projects at the ministerial level, 16 topics at the provincial level and 376 topics at the school level. In particular, the university's scientists have published 728 scientific articles in prestigious international and domestic scientific and technological journals. In this period, more than 500 scientific research topics were implemented, along with hundreds of startup ideas of students participating in competitions held at many levels.

With the educational achievements that all lecturers, students of Hung Vuong University have achieved, it will be an important prerequisite for creating the strength for the university to develop and become a foundation of training high quality human resources. It is also the largest center for scientific research and technology transfer in Phu Tho Province in particular and the Northern Vietnam in general.

Scientific research and technology transfer activities are key fields of Hung Vuong University (photo by HVU).


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