Hung Vuong University pays a working visit to the French EM Normandie and the Italian University of Trento

Between May 13th and May 23rd 2017, a delegation of Phu Tho province led by Mr. Hoang Dan Mac - Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and Chairman of the Provincial People's Council paid a working visit to France, Italy and Sweden. Ph.D. Trinh The Truyen - Vice President of Hung Vuong University joined the delegation.The visit was mainly aimed at expanding friendly relations between Phu Tho province and French/Italian provinces and cities in economic, tourism and educational fields

In the Republic of France, Mr. Hoang Dan Mac and his delegation had a meeting with the Board of Management of EM Normandie. This French business school has 5 campuses (Le Harve, Caen, Paris, Oxford and Dublin) and a training scale of 3,200 students. It provides widely recognized training courses in business management, finance, and accounting. In 2015, the school ranked 69th in the world top schools that delivers Master’s Degree in business administration. At Cane City, the provincial delegation witnessed a ceremony of signing a memorandum of understanding between Hung Vuong University and EM Normandie.

Under the Memorandum of Understanding, Hung Vuong University and EM Normandie agreed on some cooperation activities between 2017 and 2020 as follows: Exchange lecturers and researchers; 2 + 2 or 1 + 3 transfer programs; short-term study or summer camp programs for students. At the same time, the province of Caen and EM Normandie will facilitate Hung Vuong University to participate in research programs developed by the French Government or non-governmental organizations on Vietnam-based projects (Vietnamese studies, Northern mountainous rural development, high-tech agriculture development, etc.); support experts to develop and transfer advanced training programs in economy, tourism, logistics (as demanded by Hung Vuong University); transfer the management model of Smart Ecole, programs in short-term training, human resource training and tourism management; The two sides will coordinate to train Phu Tho province’s governmental cadres.

Mr. Hoang Dan Mac emphasized that cooperative activities between Hung Vuong University and EM Normandie was a focus in international cooperation between Phu Tho province and the French province of Caen.

At the Italian University of Trento, the delegation also had a meeting with the management board. On this occasion, Hung Vuong University and the University of Trento entered into a cooperative agreement in the following areas: high-level lecturer training, lecturer and student exchange, academic training cooperation, scientific research, and technology transfer. Both sides will prepare and sign a Memorandum of Understanding in 2017 when a delegation of Trento province pays a working visit to Phu Tho province.