Hung Vuong University: Multi-level, Multidisciplinary University in Ancestral Land

Hung Vuong University is a State-run multi-level, multidisciplinary university established in 2003 from the upgrading of Phu Tho Teachers Training College set up 50 years earlier. The university is responsible for training highly qualified human resources, functioning as a centre for scientific research and transferring scientific advances to serve the socioeconomic development of Phu Tho province and other provinces in the region

Training and improving professional knowledge and skills of teaching staff is seen as a strategic task decisive to the existence and development of the university. With preferential personnel attraction policies of the province and with care, guidance and proper solutions of the school, the level of lecturers has quickly expanded in recent years. At present, the staff exceeds 400 people, including four full professors and associate professors, 12 doctors, 171 masters, 75 PhD students, and 60 lecturers following higher education courses. Hung Vuong University strives to send 20 - 30 lecturers to doctorate courses each year in order to increase its teaching staff to 600 people by 2015, of which 70 per cent will have master's degrees or higher.
The formation of Hung Vuong University has significantly contributed to the socio-economic development, industrialisation and modernisation of Phu Tho province and neighbouring provinces. In the past 50 years, the school has trained and supplied thousands of officials, teachers and civil servants for the northern region to serve the cause of national socioeconomic development. Over time, the training quality and prestige of the university has been confirmed. Hung Vuong University has initially affirmed its position in the region and in the country as a whole. With its training prestige and quality, the university has attracted more and more students in Phu Tho and other provinces in the region. Currently, it has 30 majors at university level and 17 majors at college level. The training scale is over 12,000 students a year.
In addition to training, scientific research is constantly promoted. From 2004 to date, the university has developed 275 research subjects, including seven at the ministerial level, eight at provincial level, one at industry level, and 259 at university level. The Scientific and Training Council is strengthened from university to faculty levels. The orientations of scientific research for the upcoming period are defined as: Improving the quality and efficiency of scientific research and technology transfer to serve socioeconomic objectives of the province and the region; Integrating scientific research into training activities, especially higher education and postgraduate education, in order to improve training quality and uplift scientific research capacity of staffs, and associating training scientific research and training with production activities.
Hung Vuong University has created a comprehensive, healthy educational environment. Together with strengthening the roles of the Party Committee, Trade Union and Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union, the university also sets store by emulative activities. In the latest 15 years, many excellent individuals have been awarded noble career titles from the Party and the State for their active contributions to school construction and development. Five teachers have been named Outstanding Teachers; five have been awarded Third-class Labour Orders; two have been given the National Emulation Soldier titles; seven have been presented the Hung Vuong Medals; and 25 have been bestowed Certificates of Merit by the Prime Minister. Hung Vuong University was decorated the Third-grade Independence Order, the Labour Orders: (first-, second-, third-class), Emulation Flag by the Prime Minister, two Emulation Flags by the Ministry of Education and Training, and many Certificates of Merit from the Chairpersons of the Provincial People’s Committee.
Stepping into a new phase, Hung Vuong University continues to strive to become the provincial centre of education, culture and science, training high-quality human resources for Phu Tho province and neighbouring provinces and serving the cause of national industrialisation and modernisation.
Hoang Tinh