Hung Vuong University affirms its strengths in scientific research and technology transfer activities

Scientific research and the transfer of scientific and technological advances into practice is a key factor to promote the development and contribute to brand enhancement of each university. Over the past ten years, the scientific research and technology transferring activities of Hung Vuong University have achieved outstanding results, many practical applied researches have been put to real life. These activities have made an important contribution to the socio-economic development of Phu Tho province in particular and Northern Vietnam in general.

In the process of international integration, scientific research and technology transferring activities of Hung Vuong University have always been innovative in accordance with the practice activities. At the same time, the University's scientific research activities have always been paid attention of the Provincial Party Committee, the People's Committee of Phu Tho Province, as well as the effective assistance and coordination of the Departments and Branches in the province. Scientific research is one of the main pillars of the university, the Hung Vuong university leaders always pay close attention to and direct many progressive solutions to improve the efficiency and quality of research projects. Over the past ten years, the scientific research activities of the university have made great achieves in both quantity and quality, gaining certain achievements.

With the research motto "Take practice as an object and be an effective measure in the research process". In the period of 2015 - 2019, Hung Vuong University has implemented 396 projects at all levels, including 02 projects at the State-level, 02 projects at the ministry level, 16 provincial projects and 376 projects at university level. In particular, the University's scientists have published nearly 800 scientific articles in prestigious international and domestic scientific and technological journals. In 2019, the Journal of Science and Technology - Hung Vuong University (ISSN: 1859-3968] was put on the list of Economics-graded journals by the State Council for Professorship.


Acceptance of ministerial-level scientific research projects: "Practicing self-assessment skills for grade five students", which is rated Excellent by the Council

The research team of the state-level research project "Development of Celandine tree (Rehmanniaglutinosa) under GACP-WHO guidelines in PhuTho province and some neighboring areas" conducted field inspections in tree planting areas. The topography in PhuTho, Vinh Phuc and Tuyen Quang Provinces.

Besides, the scientific research movement of students is considered to be strong and always leads the block of universities and colleges in the province. From 2015 to 2019, there were 511 scientific research projects implemented. Student start-up activities The University has initially achieved many achievements with hundreds of startup ideas being implemented. Through competitions, forums on entrepreneurship have provided knowledge and skills; connect, support the initial conditions for students to start a career, create opportunities for students to meet and interact with experts, form start-up ideas associated with their own field of study. yourself. Thereby, helping you practice practically, soon career orientation for yourself after graduation.

The project "Educating skills in seeking help for elementary students at risk of sexual abuse" by a group of students of Hung Vuong University won the second prize at the National Science Research Student Award of the year 2019.

Many scientific research projects of students and lecturers have won high prizes at competitions at the State, Ministry and Industry levels such as: 01 second prize; 01 Third Prize and 01 Consolation Prize at the National Science Student Awards 2019 organized by the Ministry of Education and Training; 01 second prize and 01 Consolation prize at the 21st Euréka Scientific Research Student Competition 2019 in Ho Chi Minh City; 02 Second Prize, 01 Consolation Prize at PhuTho Technical Innovation Contest in the school year of 2018 – 2019.

Products made from pottery with floral motifs of the Hung Vuong era were designed by lecturers of the Hung Vuong University.

In parallel with the implementation of science and technology projects and projects at all levels, in the past ten years, Hung Vuong University has paid much attention and strengthening the relationship with the locality and access to public science transfer programs and institutions.


The Hung Vuong University gives dozens of automatic disinfectant sprayers to units and schools inside and outside the province. These are products of scientific creativity created by teachers of the University to successfully serve the prevention and control of Covid-19.

From the efficiency of scientific research and technology transfer activities, Hung Vuong University has quickly gained the attention of the international scientific community and became a partner or joint training and scientific research with the countries, territories. In the past 5 years (2015 - 2019), Hung Vuong University has promoted and expanded international cooperation programs linking international training with higher education institutions of countries and territories, such as : USA, Canada, China, Korea, Thailand, Laos, Philippines, Israel,... As the host of 08 international and national conferences were held at the school. Besides, the number of foreign experts and scientists who come to work and study at Hung Vuong University is increasing in number and expanding in the scope of destination country. Up to now, the University has received nearly 200 visits from experts to teach and work with nearly 1,000 international students studying abroad. Hung Vuong University has established cooperative relationships with partners in over 30 countries, territories and international organizations with many programs and projects on education, training and scientific research.

With these achievements of scientific research and technology transfer in recent years, Hung Vuong University has affirmed its leading position among the universities and colleges in the province as well as in the region in terms of scientific research activities and technology transfer.

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