Faculty of Natural Science

I. Introduction to faculty

Address: Viet Tri campus: Room 705, Phu Tho base station: Room 101, A7

Telephone: Phu Tho campus: 0210 3710 247.

Email: khoatunhien@hvu.edu.vn

The Faculty of Natural Sciences was established in 2003 on the basis of the Faculty of Natural Sciences of Phu Tho College of Education. It is one of eleven faculties under Hung Vuong University with a long tradition of training the majors. Pedagogy in the field of natural sciences. The faculty has a total of 21 faculty members, including 05 PhDs, 10 Masters (03 PhD) and 06 Bachelors (including 02 graduate)

II. Mission, development goals

- Training, fostering and supplying Phu Tho province and neighboring provinces with a high quality workforce, especially high school and junior high school teachers in the fields of chemistry and biology;

- To build up advanced training programs suitable to the national and regional higher education levels;

- Organizing the compilation of curriculums, lectures on subjects of training disciplines, organizing research and improvement of teaching methods;

- To build and develop a contingent of highly qualified trainers in teaching and scientific research;

- To carry out scientific research and technology transfer activities, step up the exploitation of international cooperation projects, combine training and scientific research activities with life.

- Create the most favorable study and research environment for students.

III. Training sector

- University of Pedagogy Biology

- University of Pedagogy of Chemistry

- College of Biochemical Pedagogy

IV. Leadership Faculty, Department



Information officers


PhD. Trieu Quy Hung

Position: Dean

Phone: 0983.153.541

Email: trieuquyhung@yahoo.com


PhD. Cao Phi Bang

Position: Vice dean
phone: 0904.922.412

Email: phibang.cao@hvu.edu.vn


Mrs. Luong Thi Thanh Xuan

Position: Head of department of biology
phone: 0974.415.468

Email: luongxuan62@gmail.com


MrsNguyen Thi Thanh Huong

Position: Head of department of  biology
phone: 0982.788.163

Email: nthuong1979@gmail.com


Mr. Nguyen Manh Hung

Position: Head of department of Chemistry

Phone: 0985.198.414 Email:hunghoadhhv2008@gmail.com


PhD. Nguyen Thi Ngoc Lien

Position: Director of research center for biotechnology

Phone: 0988.253.426

Email: ngoclien130781@gmail.com