Chinese Language students had an academic exchange with senior lecturers of Nanning Normal University

     With the orientation of close international cooperation, Hung Vuong University (HVU) is considered as a prestigious university in the field of foreign languages. In particular, Chinese Language is a potential major that is especially interesting to students.

HVU’s Chinese Language students had an online academic exchange with lecturers of Nanning Normal University

     Implementing the cooperation program between Hung Vuong University and Nanning Normal University, from April 25-27, 2022, HVU’s Chinese language students had an opportunity to exchange and learn online with experts, senior lecturers, and students of Nanning Normal University. With outstanding teaching methods and experiences, lecturers of Nanning Normal University have brought HVU’s students attractive lessons with topics: writing skill, phonetics – vocabulary, comparative linguistics,… These lessons assist students improve their proficiency, knowledge and practical skills of Chinese Language as well as broadening their understanding about Chinese culture, people, and the country.

                                         Phonetics and Vocabulary topic

                                                          Writing Skill


                Cultural exchange topic between students from the two universities

     Hung Vuong University with an international network of partners is an ideal choice to start an integration journey through an international exchange program with many universities all over the world. As for Chinese language, the university’s partners such as Honghe University and Nanning Normal University will provide students with not only an environment to improve foreign language skills but also opportunity to experience unique culture and develop integration capacity./.

 International Cooperation Department